Brood en Spelen


Special projects
Plan phase

The ‘Brood en Spelen’ competition appeals to farmers and enterprising landowners, where perspectives for the countryside are developed together with designers with innovative ideas.


Vista has developed a second pilot stable of the Kwatrijn concept with initiator Combee for this. The Kwatrijn concept offers a new future for farmers in small-scale and naturally rich landscapes.
Kwatrijn represents a different approach to animals, manure, soil, landscape and society. This includes a special stable. A number of important system innovations have been integrated into the Kwatrijn concept. This has led to a unique stable shape with a transparent layout and a striking energy roof. The most important innovation is the floor system that collects solid manure and liquid manure separately. This makes the ammonia emission extremely low.



LOCATIONHelvoirts BroekCLIENTMaatschap CombeePERIOD2018COLLABORATIONCircular Landscapes, Antonissen Agrarisch Advies


The Kwatrijn concept makes it possible to close nutrient cycles and to meet a large part of the company’s protein requirements. The use of solid manure is ideal for soil life and soil fertility, the liquid manure stimulates optimum crop growth. Fertilizer is hardly needed anymore. Grass clover, herb-rich grass mixtures and own grain cultivation mean that less concentrates and straw (for in the stable) have to be purchased. Hay from the nature parcels can be used for the young stable stock.

Landscape integration

The stable can be seen in the landscape. Thanks to the articulated roof with the three hoods, the scale fits in well with the surroundings. Thanks to the transparent design, beautiful views of the stream valley are maintained. The stable therefore does not get dense planting. The manure storage and feed pits are finished with grass slopes, so that they seamlessly connect to the ground level and stand out less. Additional avenue planting will be installed along the Essche track to make this historic line more experienceable and visually link the stable to it.