The plateau is compacted by native forest. The forest can develop a high ecological quality and gives the estate a robust space-forming structure that will form a strong landscape background for the farm and vine culture. The flanks get a relatively open character as a vineyard. The grape bushes are planted in a direction perpendicular to the contour lines, creating a strong texture and a clear orientation.

The plan provides for densification through forestry on the plateau north of the Ten Esschenweg. The forest to be planted here falls under the habitat type Beech-oak forests with Holly (H9120). The forest will be very varied in structure and composition. This habitat type is important for a large number of birds from structure-rich deciduous forests.

For the future image quality of the farm, the planting of the yard and the layout of the garden and courtyard are of great importance. The garden used to be one of the striking eye-catchers of the complex. In the past there has been a pleasure garden within the garden walls of Terlinden. For the new design of the garden it is desirable to pay a lot of attention to the design of the courtyard and yard and garden. We propose to align with the regional and historical character of the heirs.

Hoeve Terlinden
New nature along the Geleenbeek
New hiking trails
New forest
Vine culture / slowfood
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