Uitkijkpunt Jan Gerritseheuvel - zicht op de Koedood en Gaatkens Plas

The basis for this study is based on the set-ups and turbine specifications as indicated in the request:

South bank location5 variants are shown to the south of the Oude Maas

North bank location2 variants to the north of the Oude Maas for Heinenoord Barendrecht

For the type of wind turbine we use the proposals made on the South bank. For the turbines to the north of the Oude Maas, no specifications have yet been mentioned in the request for types of turbines. We have chosen to use the same type of turbine for both locations.

As the variants supplied on the South Bank differ minimally from each other, it was decided to initially keep the arrangement on the South Bank the same in all combinations. To maintain an overview, we have only used the smallest and largest wind turbines.

Regulation area
Guided light paths (safeguard zone in connection with navigation navigation)