Polder Diederik

The concepts have been translated into 5 designs for 3.4 MW turbines and 5 designs for 6 MW turbines. 1 elaboration is discussed below. The report can be consulted for the other elaborations.


Elaboration Nieuwland line: 3,4Mw

The line arrangements are designed in such a way that there is an alternation of wind turbine lines and open sections, because of the note from Wervelender that special attention must be paid to sufficient viewing. The line segments never cross the border of polders and thus tie in with the rhythms present in the landscape. Line configurations fit well with the shape of the Nieuwland polders. We have limited ourselves to straight lines in line configurations and not to follow topographical data such as winding dikes. We chose this because it provides the most tranquil image. Moreover, the Nieuwland polders are often elongated and often have tight straight dikes. The distance between the masts is 364 m. The maximum line for the 3.4 MW set-up consists of 8 turbines (with a total length from mast to mast of 2548 m). The shortest designed line consists of 4 turbines (with a total length from mast to mast of 1092 m).