Biltlaan Katwijk

With the arrival of the R-Net schedule in 2020, the green area in the Biltlaan of Katwijk will be redesigned in a sustainable way. A new water pipeline and a separate cycle path on the east side will make sure that the current green structure has to be redesigned. Vista has made a new green plan for the application for the Felling Permit in a participatory process with local residents and local green experts.


This design has led to an ecological green structure with indigenous species that connects the biotope of the outlying area with the city. The layout with earthworks and the mix of vegetation in different layers has a reducing effect on the increasing sound pressure from traffic on the facades. The selection of vegetation absorbs particulate matter and breaks the view of the road. The motorway is separated from the cycle path by a wide raised strip of herbs where insects, birds and bats can forage the entire length of the Biltlaan. This strip in connection with the verges forms the connection with the surrounding parks into a continuous green structure.