Den Haag Estate Routes

The estate zone between The Hague and Duin Horst & Weide is an extensive green structure with a rich cultural history. The Second World War also left its mark on this area. The central question in this study was: how can the estates be made more accessible by bicycle? 


The cyclist is important because the Duin Horst & Weide estate zone is large and many people would otherwise not be able to use the greenery. The aim was to simultaneously visualize the cultural-historical qualities of the estates and the roads on which they were originally situated. The research should then lead to the appointment of 5 pilot projects, which could be implemented in the short term. 


LOCATIONDen HaagDuin, Horst en WeideCLIENTGemeente Den HaagCATEGORYDesign planPERIOD2018-2019STATUSPublishedCOLLABORATIONCircular LandscapesGerdy Verschuure-Stuip (Specialist Cultuurhistorie)Edwin Charpentier (TAUW)

Historic roads
Current bicycle network
Best option

The original Heerwegen and connecting roads to which the estates originated are now busy or less busy motorways. Where the horse-drawn carriages once rode, now cars drive. Bicycle paths are generally along these roads. However, these cycle paths often have a utilitarian character and are less attractive for recreational use.

With a few exceptions (for example Duindigt) the estates are well accessible to the public. The problem with this is that in addition to the traditional driveway, the access consists mainly of hiking trails, which are mainly used by local residents.

Moreover, the hiking trails mainly form an internal access. They are in principle not connected to a more comprehensive network.

The estates are traditionally inward-looking parks. Bicycle paths on the estates are almost non-existent. Exceptions are the cycle paths on the Marlot and De Wittenburg estates. There is already a lot to experience for cyclists. But it can be so much better. This is a huge challenge. The green capital of the estate zone is huge, but there are insufficient attractive bicycle connections between and on the estates.

suggested projects



Based on the presented vision, we have selected 5 projects in consultation with the client, for which we have made a draft design and a preliminary cost estimate.

Our advice comes down to the projects:

  1. Clingendael Crossing
  2. Add cycle path on Clingendael between Van Alkemadelaan and Ruychrocklaan
  3. Ass cycle path on Clingendael between Hoofdgebouw and Ruychrocklaan
  4. Add cycle path across Reigersbergen-Marlot
  5. Improve crossing Benoordenhoutseweg-Leidsestraatweg/Waalsdorperlaan