Dilemmas of the hollandveen

The Groene Hart and Lower Holland, the NetherlandsSubsidence of peat areas has received ample attention lately from researchers and policy-makers, following the 2002 study conducted by Vista on behalf of the Structuurschema Groene Ruimte 2 (Green Space Structural Outline Plan). 

This study showed that the subsidence will ultimately result in the disappearance of the peat pasture landscape. Peat areas without a clay or sealing layer are the most vulnerable. The cause of the subsidence lies in the structural lowering of water levels for agriculture. Various strategies have been developed that present a variety of pictures of the future. The conclusion was that sustainable preservation of the peat requires fundamentally different water management, which will offer new opportunities for nature and recreation.


LOCATIONNederlandCLIENTMinisterie van LNVCATEGORYResearchPERIODUitvoering Vijfde Nota en bouwsteen voor het Structuur- schema Groene Ruimte 2STATUSPublished


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