Where the Niers tributary flows into the Maas, near Gennep, lie the ruins of the Genneperhuis fortifications. Vista put together a master plan on behalf of the property’s owner. Careful restoration of the building is combined with nature development, river expansion and recreation. 

Moats that had become sealed off by silt are being dug up so that in times of high water, the historic defences gradually reveal themselves in the landscape. Observation points at historical sites bring history to life. All parties involved in the master plan signed a declaration of intent for the implementation of the master plan. Vista subsequently put together a detailed design plan, which is currently being implemented.


LOCATIONGennepCLIENTGraaf G.E.G.W SchimmelpenninckStuurgroep GenneperhuisCATEGORYDesign planPERIOD2006-2010SIZE150 haSTATUSRealised