Groene hart quality atlas

On behalf of the Programmabureau Groene Hart, Vista has been working on policy development for the Groene Hart since 2005. The Quality Zoning put together by Vista forms the basis of the current policy plan. Vista conducted further research on specific landscapes of the Groene Hart. 

The intent of the quality atlas is to help municipalities and other parties work with the core qualities of the National Landscape during their plan development. The landscape-specific core qualities and the policy strategies are presented in a visual manner. A study into occupational typologies was also added to the quality atlas.


LOCATIONHet Groene HartCLIENTStuurgroep Groene HartCATEGORYVisual quality planPERIOD2009-2010SIZERuim 185.000 haSTATUSVastgesteld                        




Current and future situation atThe pealand areaThe edge of the villageThe river