spatial structuur

The main spatial structure is laid down in the landscape plan. The landscape consists of a number of strong ingredients:

  • forest on the plateau border.
  • vine culture on the flanks.
  • stream valley grasslands and wet forest along the Geleenbeek.
  • the buildings are integrated through landscaping with much rising greenery and a utilitarian character.

A system of forest and field paths makes the landscape accessible and experienceable. Hikers walk alternately through the forest, along the forest, through and along the vineyards, follow the stream and cross it in some places. The exposed cycle path along the Esschenweg will be nicer embedded in the landscape. A hiking trail that ran on old maps from the farm towards the stream and the Brommelermolen is being restored. This path runs between the old garden wall and the new building volume of the estate. A new gate in the garden wall can serve as a connection between the old farmhouse and the new building.