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In the Inspiration Image we focus on strengthening the essential characteristics of the landscape. In the northern part of the river catchment, we are committed to developing the former tidal creeks. In the southern part of the river catchment, with the reclaimed IJ and Wijkermeer, we are focusing on the sea dikes, the outlands and the Kil.

An important part of the vision is the relationship with the adjacent landscapes of the Amsterdam Wetlands and Noord-Kennemerland. We also outline the networks for cycling, walking and canoeing. In the vision we also show how the Inspiration Image relates to the Oer-IJ icons (see Plan of Approach) and Unesco World Heritage the Stelling van Amsterdam. 


The complete Inspiration Image, together with the Plan of Approach (both in Dutch), can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


LOCATIONNoord-Holland, area between Amsterdam, IJmuiden and AlkmaarCLIENTStichting Oer-IJPERIOD2018

Reclaimed lake Wijkermeer - The outer lands along the sea dikes are laid out as nature areas.

catchment area oer-ij

The river catchment of the Oer-IJ is the more limited area where the northern branch of the Vecht actually flowed, including the former estuary. The Oer-IJ basin now consists of two very different landscapes. Firstly, it is the northern part: the former estuary landscape with the tidal channels. Here the sea flowed into the hinterland twice a day with the rhythm of the tide and out again. The northern branch of the river Vecht also flowed through this area, helping to keep the trench open. Secondly, this is the Oer-IJ river that was located outside the estuary area. From the Middle Ages the influence of the tide from the Zuiderzee expanded the peat landscape into inland sea: the IJ and the Wijkermeer. These lakes were reclaimed at the end of the nineteenth century for the construction of the North Sea Canal.

Former estuary - De Schulpvaart is one of the largest existing water connections that follows the creek structure. (Schulpvaart, Castricum)

inspiration image

Oer-IJ language - Bridges enhance the experience of the creek system and signs in the landscape to mark archaeological sites

oer-ij language

By the Oer-IJ language we mean small-scale interventions in the landscape that keep recurring and give the area a certain recognisability. A branding for the landscape as it were. The Oer-IJ language can be of great importance in the recognisability of the area as a whole. It can guide tourism and it can bind village centers to their landscape environment. In addition, a good branding can connect the area with different landscape types and characteristics. We have elaborated on three ideas. These concepts can be further developed as the project progresses.

Oer-IJ language - Painting panel on the old sea dike (Ringweg, Spaarndam)

The complete Inspiration image and Plan of Approach (in Dutch) can be downloaded via the following link:

Inspiration Image Oer-IJ
Plan of Approach Oer-IJ