The Farmer in Kaag

For over four generations, ‘Boeren Leidse met sleutels’ has been made according to traditional methods at the Van Ruiten family farm on Kagereiland, now also known as ‘De Kaagse Boer’. The farm is affiliated with the association of the 12 still existing Boeren-Leidse cheese makers and the cheese made is one of the few Dutch regional products to bear the European PDO quality mark (Protected Designation of Origin). The cheese is sold in its own farm shop, at specialised cheese traders and at special events, such as the annual 1001 taste fair in Amsterdam.


In order to develop De Kaagse Boer into a regional tourist attraction that can also tempt foreign visitors from the Keukenhof to come to Kagereiland, an extra quality boost is needed in terms of image, presentation, education and communication. In order to optimally embed the company in the larger recreational network, additional design measures are also provided, such as the construction of a small-scale parking facility, a charging point for electric bicycles, extra mooring places for passers-by and accommodation options. In this way a further growth of the family business becomes a multifunctional recreational farm.


LOCATIONKaag, Zuid-HollandCLIENTDe Kaagse BoerCATEGORYInrichtingsplanPERIOD2016STATUSPlanfase


vision and principles inheritance


We have drawn up a number of principles for the layout of the yard that should ultimately contribute to a yard with its own identity and that should welcome visitors to the store and cheese museum. It is also about creating an attractive outdoor space for the guests of the Bed & Breakfast.

The principles are:

  • Creating an attractive yard that radiates hospitality.
  • Making a contrast between the front and the back of the yard.
  • Strengthen the identity and unity of the building ensemble.
  • Developing a coherent and recognizable planting plan that is in line with the traditions      of the area.
  • Choosing a paving concept that supports and clarifies the functions in the yard.
  • Creating peace in the yard. Avoiding elements that contribute to a messy impression.
  • Keep free from the facade of the shop and cheese museum. Do not ‘stick’ the terrace      to the building.
  • Restricted use of signs. A lot of attention for placement and appearance (agricultural      atmosphere of the yard).
  • Keeping / restoring sight line to the peat meadow landscape and mill behind.